Corporate and Commercial Advisory Services

The firm provides corporate and commercial advisory services for both local and international businesses.

BBA fluidly works on local and cross-border acquisitions, multi-jurisdictional transactions as well as joint ventures with the aim to quickly address client goals and needs, receive consistent and cohesive advice in the most efficient way on a wide range of transactions including:

  • The floatation and acquisition of companies; mergers and de-mergers; shareholder arrangements; corporate finance and statutory corporate compliance and joint ventures;
  • General finance, corporate restructuring, corporate finance, acquisition finance, structured finance, property finance, securities and other financing arrangements such as receivables-based financing and derivatives;
  • Licensing depending on the client’s business;
  • Debt Recovery and Local and international trade transactions;
  • Procurement of goods and services;
  • Company secretarial work including director’s duties, board matters and filing of board resolutions;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Product development, regulatory obligations and restructures among others.

Specifically, we advise in relation to a range of contractual agreements including;

  • Finance and operating leases;
  • Maintenance and service agreements;
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Consultancy agreements;
  • Real estate transfers and leases;
  • License agreements;
  • Distribution agreements;
  • Shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements; and
  • Loan agreements, guarantees and securities.

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