"Goodness is the only investment that never fails." – Henry David Thoreau

Bunjaako-Buwama Outreach Programme

Birungyi, Barata and Associates carries out an outreach program at Bunjaako-Buwama, Mpigi District, an area at the shores of Lake Victoria in the Central Uganda District resident to fishermen and their families which focuses on improving the quality of life of the residents of Buwama Bunjaako.

The area has limited access to clean and safe water, educational services (having only one Primary School), medical services, legal services, access to electricity among others. In partnership with Uganda Health Marketing Group, Uganda Cares, Colgate, Picfare and Nkozi Hospital, the Firm has been able to provide Legal Aid, enable access to medical services particularly HIV testing, sensitization on family planning, family planning kits; provide educational materials and sensitization on the importance of education; provide reusable sanitary towels, provide tools for oral hygiene and support homesteads with clothes, blankets, purifying water tablets and Mama kits for pregnant women.

Birungyi Barata & Associates also supports Kabutemba Primary School in Gomba District by contributing to school fees of the children.

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