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The making of Uganda’s Premier Tax Law Firm

Birungyi, Barata & Associates (BBA) was established in 2003 by Birungyi Cephas Kagyenda and Enoch Barata whose paths crossed at a coincidentally convenient time, one of them, a Deputy Commissioner retiring from a long career in tax administration and the other, an ambitious young lawyer, both pursuing a Diploma in legal practice. They dived into a highly competitive world of legal practice forming what has since been recognised as the pioneer specialist tax law firm in Uganda

BBA was founded in 2013 as Birungyi, Barata & Co. Advocates and in 2016, the firm became Birungyi, Barata & Associates after being joined by Associates Jacob Ngobi, George Twinomugisha, Juliana Semakula and later Robinah Lutaaya Lubwama..

The vision behind creating the firm was that it would provide efficient, professional, result oriented, expert tax and legal services and with time, it indeed developed into a renowned tax advisory, consultancy, Legal and litigation firm recognized both locally and internationally by the Uganda Law Society, East African Law Society, IFLR and Global Law Experts.

With the growth and development of the Ugandan commercial industry and the dynamic legal environment, the firm has also expanded its areas of practice into Intellectual Property, Insolvency, Banking, Arbitration, Construction Law and Oil and Gas industry.

The Game Changing Team

A Combined Effort of the Firm

Birungyi, Barata & Associates has perhaps the single biggest collection of persons who have worked more than 20 years in the tax industry.

Birungyi Cephas, the Managing Partner of the firm has been described by Chambers and Partners as an expert who has cultivated an impressive reputation on the Ugandan market as a very highly specialised and well-respected tax practitioner.

Enoch Barata, co-founder and Senior Partner, has 17 years’ experience in tax, legal advisory and litigation. Together with Three Associate Partners, Six Senior Legal Associates and Four Legal Associates, they provide a specialised, thorough and diligent Tax and Legal Service.

Together with Three Associate Partners, Six Senior Legal Associates and Four Legal Associates, they provide a specialised, thorough and diligent Tax and Legal Service.

BBA describes itself as a one-stop centre for Legal, Tax and Consultancy Services that provides exceptionally innovative and highly resourceful legal solutions to its clients and this is one of the reasons that the firm’s slogan for this year is “Game Changers”.

What sets us apart?

Our Experience and Specialty

Among its varied staff, BBA boasts an unrivaled market experience through a collective career experience of over 40 years from parastatals, private corporations and states alike. Our personnel have influenced the crafting of Tax Policy, Legislation and setting up of tax litigation frameworks in sub-Saharan Africa including in Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Liberia, Malawi and the East African Community.

Understanding the Clients’ Needs and Goals

We deliberately focus on understanding our clientele’s business needs and goals. We act as our clients’ business partners, striving for their success, and thus provide sound and reliable business-oriented advice in the short, medium and long term. We continuously invest in improved responsiveness and technical capacity for the benefit of our clientele.

Game Changers

BBA has a record of game-changing precedents that has redefined tax law itself. Every tax clause with a lacuna or dualistic interpretation that has been litigated by the firm has been amended, tightened or completely overhauled. It has argued legal issues concerning the original jurisdiction of the Tax Appeals Tribunal, the taxation of contingency funds of an insurance company, taxation of terminal benefits, among others and currently handles approximately 45% of tax matters before The Tax Appeals Tribunal.

Birungyi Barata & Associates has influenced the law on capacity to sue the Commissioner General, effect of pre-requisite of a statutory notice of intention to sue, implication of a private ruling, the amendment of the definition of dividends, the process of issuing an agency notice, the implication of a practice note, the scope of Double Taxation agreements, taxation of flower export handlers among others.



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