Tax Services

BBA is the leading tax law firm in Uganda with highly trained experts offering services to local and international clients.

You have often heard, and it is true, that only two things in life are certain- death and taxes. While it is obvious that the Government is a silent shareholder in every business and an unseen signatory to every transaction, just how much is actually due to it and when, is the reason why you need a good tax lawyer.

With a good tax lawyer, the burden of taxes can be properly weighed, deferred, reduced or got rid of all together. BBA helps its clients navigate the often highly technical statutes upon which the taxes are based. Most tax laws are written in favour of the taxing body and therefore, a very thin line of interpretation can determine whether or not the tax sways in your direction.

As a one-stop centre with a track record of delivering highly efficient results, the firm has successfully handled various matters for a cross-section of clientele in all sectors of the economy, both locally and internationally including:


BBA has carried out various consultancies for the drafting and advice on double taxation agreements, drafting codes on practices against harmful tax practices, training revenue officials in Bauchi State Nigeria on best practices in taxation, assisted in drafting of the Tax Appeals Tribunal Act of Rwanda, drafting provisions for EAC interconnectivity and provided tax consultancy services to regional bodies including government bodies in Liberia, Rwanda, Zambia and international organisations like GIZ, IFC, World Bank.


The firm advises individuals and companies on effective tax structures and tax planning, applying for tax exemptions, applying for tax refunds, international tax, transfer pricing policies, financial related services, oil and gas, construction, payrolls among others.

The firm has also been instrumental in providing legal advice to the Insurance Industry with respect to application of withholding tax on commissions paid to insurance brokers and agents, application of withholding tax and value added tax on re-insurance premiums, application of the Workers’ Compensation Act and application of double tax agreements on re-insurance contracts.

Tax audits and review

The firm reviews and analyses tax computations, ledger reconciliations by URA and assists clients during audits and or objection process.

Filing Tax Returns

The firm files returns on behalf of clients for corporation tax, withholding tax, PAYE and VAT, amongst others.

Tax Registration for all taxes, for both residents and non-residents

The firm offers and guides clients on how to register for various taxes for both resident and non-resident persons in Uganda

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